The Oddity Wine Collective is about passion, expression, and a fierce love for the blossoming Arizona wine industry. All three of us took a risk, stepping away from our old career paths, leaping into a newly formed Viticulture and Enology program at Yavapai College. The local industry quickly grabbed ahold of all of our attentions and ambitions. During our time in the college program we all scrambled for any and every opportunity to work in the vineyard and the cellar. Somewhere, in the midst of pruning vines, thinning canopies, bottling wines, steaming barrels, pressing grapes, and classes at school, the three of us crossed paths. As time went on, we began to recognize the individual strengths we each hold, and it seemed to be a potential recipe for success. None of us in a position to give up our day jobs in the industry, but each of us wielding a piece of the puzzle that makes a young wine label whole.

Thus began The Oddity Wine Collective...